COTM: Hip Carry in a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) June 2016

Carry of the Month (COTM) is an ongoing feature for the BWIP blog and Facebook group. Each month one of the Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs) will choose a wrap carry or carrier to showcase and write a blog post with instructions or videos. At our monthly meetings throughout the valley, we will designate time to demonstrate the carry or carrier in person and answer your questions. Feel free to join in on the fun! Post pictures of you trying out the COTM in the Facebook group or email us your entry. Check out the bottom of this post for the prize raffled off for participation this month!
White woman with long dark hair wears white, blond haired toddler in a orange and white chevron print soft structured carrier.  Baby is worn on her hip.
Master Babywearing Educator TaiLeah Madill shows us a Hip Carry in Beco Toddler Soft Structured Carrier

The Carry of the Month for June is Hip Carry in Beco Toddler Soft Structured Carrier demonstrated by TaiLeah Madill, Master Babywearing Educator for the Babywearing International of Phoenix Chapter. 

The Hip Carry in a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) is a great transition from Front Carry to Back Carry.  A position on the hip allows baby to see out at a view of the surrounding world while maintaining that close security in a front carry.  The Hip Carry is a position that works well for upright breastfeeding or bottle feeding.  Before getting started on the hip carry check with the manufacturers instructions that arrived with your carrier.  If your instructions are lost check the manufacturer's website for digital copies of the instruction manual for your carrier.  

An SSC with straight straps and buckles at the shoulder harness are usually suited for hip carry.  The straps are worn crossed at the back of the wearer and in a one shouldered and less often, two shouldered version.  Babies in a hip carry should be able to sit assisted and be of a size where the infant insert is no longer needed for the SSC.  There is alot of choice for soft structured carriers and the Volunteer Babywearing Educators in the BWI Phoenix Chapter love to help get the best fit in your carrier.  Ask your questions in our Facebook Discussion Group or in person at one of our five monthly babywearing meetings.  Check the banner in the discussion group for the dates and times of the meetings.

Completing the Carry

Before you begin unbuckle both straps on your carrier and extend the webbing as far as it can go.  The Soft Structured Carrier hip carry starts off center with just the waistband of the SSC on the hip where baby will sit.  Bring the webbing around and buckle the carrier.  The waistband should sit at or just above your natural waist which is near the belly button.

White woman with long brown hair is shown buckling a soft structured carrier at her hip.  The carrier rests on her left hip and she is buckling the carrier on her opposite hip.

Pull the webbing tight to secure the carrier waistband.  Make sure the carrier waistband is level and parallel to the ground for optimal comfort.
White woman with long brown hair is seen wearing the soft structured carrier on her left hip and pulling the webbing tight on her right hip.

Bring the shoulder strap and buckle it on the opposite side.  Here TaiLeah is wearing her baby on her left hip so she is buckling the right shoulder strap into the left buckle.
White woman with long brown hair is showing the right shoulder strap and left buckle where she will snap into place.

Pass your arm through the shoulder strap and bring the panel up in front to make ready for baby.

Position your baby on your shoulder in a burping height.
Image shows a white woman with brown hair lifting her white, blond haired toddler onto her shoulder at a burping height

Guide your baby's feet, one at a time, into the carrier.
Momma is guiding her baby's leg into the right side of the carrierImage shows Momma guiding her baby's legs into the left side of the carrier

Bring the panel up over baby's back reaching at least under the shoulders.
The wearer is seen pulling the panel of the carrier up over her baby's back

Keeping one hand on your baby, reach around behind you, bringing the shoulder strap across your back to the other side.
Momma is seen from the back reaching behind her with one hand to grab the shoulder strap

Snap the shoulder strap into the buckle and tighten the webbing.
Momma is seen buckling the shoulder strap into the buckle on the carrier, baby is braced by her other arm across the back

Adjust the seat so that baby is sitting in the center of the carrier.
Image shows Momma gently lifting baby to center her in the seat of the carrier

Tighten all the webbing for the shoulder straps to ensure they are secure yet comfortable.
Momma is seen pulling gently on the shoulder strap webbing to tighten the carry

Adjust the shoulder strap on your shoulder for your comfort.
The wearer is seen gently pulling the shoulder strap to the side, away from her neck

This is your completed Hip Carry in a Soft Structured Carrier.  Make sure baby is high enough to kiss without great effort.
Image shows a white momma, smiling at the camera wearing her blond haired toddler in a blue soft structured carrier with a white and orange zig-zag print panel

The waistband of the carry should be level with the hips and baby's bum supported above the waistband.
Close up image of baby's seat showing the waistband level with the wearer's hips and baby's bum well supported above the waistband

A view of the back of the Hip Carry showing the straps crossed and the one shouldered version of the hip carry according to this manufacturer's instructions.
Back image of the wearer showing one shoulder strap at a diagonal across her back, the other shoulder strap across her waist, and the waistband straps at her hips.

Here is a video tutorial, with closed captions, by Wrapping Rachel showing hip carry with a small baby and how to get baby down:

Another great tutorial with voice over, no captions showing a hip carry with a toddler in a Soft Structured Carrier by the Babywearing International of Hampton Roads:

The prize for the Carry of the Month this June is a wrap scrap bracelet with images to follow shortly.  To enter to win, simply post a photo of you trying out SSC Hip Carry on the COTM thread in our Facebook group, if you're not on Facebook email your entry to us at

(Valid only for Arizona residents. Winner is responsible for pick up or any shipping costs.)

At the end of the month we will draw a winner. To earn additional entries, you can post a new picture of you trying it out every day.

Disclaimer: Any tutorials or advice given on this blog by Babywearing International of Phoenix or representatives of BWI of Phoenix are to be used at your own risk. Please use caution when attempting any of the carries highlighted on this blog and using any of the carriers discussed on this blog. Some of the information or advice may put some users of this site at risk due to health issues, physical limitations, or misuse. If you or your child have health issues or physical limitations, please discuss the appropriateness of the carry or carrier with your health care practitioner. BWI of Phoenix cannot be held accountable for any injuries sustained by the reader when attempting these carries or using these carriers.

Our contributing author this month is LaKeta Kemp. LaKeta is a Volunteer Babywearing Educator in Training with the Babywearing International of Phoenix. She is passionate about safe babywearing and tandem babywearing. Look for LaKeta and her twins at East Valley Meetings.


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