Carry of the Month: April; Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry

Carry of the Month is a new feature for the BWIP blog and Facebook group. Each month one of the VBEs will choose a wrap carry or carrier to showcase and write a blog post with instructions or videos. At our monthly meetings throughout the valley, we will designate time to demonstrate the carry or carrier in person and answer your questions.  Feel free to join in on the fun! Post pictures of you trying out the COTM in the comments here or on the Facebook group. 

Happy Spring, babywearers!

For April, our Carry of the Month is Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry (semi-FWCC). It's already getting hotter here in Phoenix and this is a nice front carry that offers a little more air flow since it only passes over one shoulder. 
We also have a special prize this month, a babywearing onesie so your little one can support babywearing even when they aren't being worn. 

This month's carry was modeled by our awesome VBE, Dara DaChuna and her son Eli! The wrap used is a size 3 Didymos India Tussah.

Most people will be able to use a size 3 or 4 for this carry, you can certainly use a longer sized wrap, the tails will just be longer.

Begin with the tail over your shoulder with the rest of the wrap behind you:

Bring the other end of the wrap around from behind and across your baby:

Tuck the bottom rail underneath your baby and in between their legs:

Bring wrap around your back and pull to tighten:

Now, pull the wrap under baby's leg and across his butt to meet the tail that is hanging over your shoulder:

Tie with  tail coming from the bottom as a slip knot onto the tail coming from the top:
Video link for a better visual:

Spread the second pass of wrap you just made over baby's butt. You can tighten the wrap one rail at a time by pulling the slack away from baby and towards the end going over your shoulder. Pull the slack through the slip knot. Then, pull the edge of the wrap over your shoulder to cap your shoulder.

Here's a great video by WrappingRachel. It has a slight variation on how to tie this carry first then place baby into it, also how to adjust it to nurse.

As I mentioned, this month's prize for participation is an adorable "Born to be Worn" Onesie from Wearing is Caring in 12-18 month size. To enter, simply post a photo of you trying out Semi-FWCC in the comments below or on the COTM thread in our facebook group. At the end of the month we'll draw a winner. (Valid only for Arizona residents; winner is responsible for shipping costs/pick-up)

As always, let us know if you are having problems or just have questions. Carry on! 

Rachael Bender
Volunteer Babywearing Educator, Babywearing International of Phoenix

Disclaimer:Any tutorials or advice given on this blog by Babywearing International of Phoenix or representatives of BWI of Phoenix are to be used at your own risk. Please use caution when attempting any of the carries highlighted on this blog and using any of the carriers discussed on this blog.
Some of the information or advice may put some users of this site at risk due to health issues, physical limitations, or misuse. If you or your child have health issues or physical limitations, please discuss the appropriateness of the carry or carrier with your health care practitioner.BWI of Phoenix cannot be held accountable for any injuries sustained by the reader when attempting these carries or using these carriers.


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