A Shout Out to all the Babywearing Men Out There!!

Check out these amazing babywearing dads! We want to give you a shout out on your special day!

Way to be awesome, guys!! 

And if you want a picture added, email it to phoenix@babywearinginternational.org and we'll get it added.

Rockin' the Boba
Andrew and Creeley wearing a Ring Sling
Introspective in a Mei Tai
Cheering on the team in a Babyhawk
David wearing a Travel Bug Tula
Sterling and Ceilidh wearing a pimped Ergo
 Nickolas and Savannah wearing a green Ergo Original
Charles and Nora wearing a custom dyed and painted Ergo Original 
 Aaron wearing a Tula 
Johnathon and Persephone wearing a blue bows Lillebaby 
Kenny and Adelia wearing an Ergo Sport 
Michael and Austin wearing an Ergo Performance 
 Charlie wearing Pavo woven wrap Static
 Austin and Phoebe wearing an Infantino Mei Tai
 Matthew and Sofia wearing a WCHB with a Girasol wrap
Nate and Jaina wearing a Blue Zig Zag Tula
 Levi, Tany, and 5th Curlie worn in a wrap
 Jason wearing his two oldest - front: 4 year old son Jack in a Moby, back: 6 year old daughter Joanna with Down Syndrome in an Ergo
 Andy and Henry wearing a Baby Bjorn
Toby and Miles wearing a TaylorMade Ring Sling
John and Riley wearing an Ergo
JC and 11 month old August wearing an Ergo
Jonathan and Roman wearing an Infantino mei tai
Brandon and Arowyn wearing a mei tai
Wes and Sebastian wearing a green Lillebaby
Mike and James wearing an Emeibaby
Ariel and Askel in a Kinderpack
Trey and Juliet in the Tussah India Obimama mei tai
 Austan and Axel wearing an Ergo Original
 Larry and Mason, with big brother Brayton
 James wearing John Connor in a Lenny Lamb woven wrap Smoki
 Matt and Kaya wearing a Beco Gemini
 David and Calaiah wearing a Maya Wrap ring sling
 Jeremy and Finn wearing a Beco Gemini
 Geoff and Lucien wearing a Little Frog woven wrap
 Cory and Maggie wearing an Ergo Original and Infant Insert
Dean and daughter wearing an Ergo 
Michael and Ayla, and big sister Jolie wearing a mei tai
Sam and Henry wearing a Tula Trig Standard 
 Trey and Oliver in the Organic Ergo


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