Carry of the Month: October; Double Sling tied Shoulder to Shoulder

Carry of the Month is an ongoing feature for the BWIP blog and Facebook group. Each month one of the VBEs will choose a wrap carry or carrier to showcase and write a blog post with instructions or videos. At our monthly meetings throughout the valley, we will designate time to demonstrate the carry or carrier in person and answer your questions. Feel free to join in on the fun! Post pictures of you trying out the COTM in the comments here or on the Facebook group. Check out the bottom of this post for the prize raffled off for participation this month! Fans of Pavo Klee will be very interested.

October's COTM is a bit more complex than the carries we've showcased in the past. Though, have no fear! We've enlisted Beth Guynes, who transferred to us as a VBE recently after serving in Oregon, to walk us through it.  This is Beth's favorite carry and she has perfected it! This carry uses a size 6 woven wrap. Here is Double Sling Tied Shoulder to Shoulder (DSS2S):

 Start by get baby on your back whichever way you prefer. 

 The wrap will be off-centered with the long side over your shoulder and the short side under your shoulder to make the first traditional sling pass. The middle marker of the wrap should land at your chest.

 Pin the top rails in the front under your chin and tuck the bottom rail up under baby's bottom to make a deep seat.

 Bring the longer end (which is over your shoulder) down and under the shorter end.

 Pin the shorter end between your knees. This will also pin the longer end against your chest. Take the long end and bring it up and over the opposite shoulder.

 Continue to bring that end over your shoulder and over baby's back. Tuck the bottom rail under baby's bottom and over her leg to the front. This makes the second traditional sling pass.

 Working with that same end, bring it around to the front and up under the pass that is pinned to you chest.

 Take both ends and bring them behind you and baby, over baby's legs, crossed and then under baby's legs.

 Bring the ends to your front and tie off.

There you have it! DSS2S 

Here is a video by Babywearing Faith that may be helpful:

Not only was this month's carry demonstrated by Beth but she also donated the prize for the raffle! Here is a little bit about her business, Whisper Wovens:

Whisper Wovens is a fledgling company, however it’s owner Beth Guynes has been sewing and repairing wraps for a long time. She recently moved to Phoenix from Seattle where she was know in the Seattle babywearing community as the “wrap whisperer” for her ability to fix pretty much anything wrong a wrap. Beth has been chopping, hemming, and repairing wraps for the last 5 years. In addition, she does all the sewing and finishing for Isla Handwoven. Whisper Woven’s main focus is chopping, hemming and fixing wraps.  However, these cute babywearing rag dolls are a fun side project that Beth enjoys. They are semi-customizable with your favorite wrap scraps. To order a custom doll send an email to Her website is in progress, stay tuned!

Whisper Wovens has donated this adorable handmade rag doll, accessorized with the coveted Pavo Klee wrap scrap creations:

To enter to win, simply post a photo of you trying out a DRS2S in the comments below or on the COTM thread in our facebook group. At the end of the month we'll draw a winner. To earn additional entries, you can post a new picture of you trying it out everyday.
(Valid only for Arizona residents)
***Edited to update to reflect more inclusive and accurate terms. This carry was formerly known as a Double Rebozo tied Shoulder to Shoulder (DRS2S) carry. For more info on why there was a shift in terminology, click here.***
As always, let us know if you are having problems or just have questions. Carry on! 
Rachael BenderVolunteer Babywearing Educator, Babywearing International of Phoenix

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