Babywearing in Extreme Heat

We are (hopefully) coming to the end of summer here in Phoenix, although the temperature still hits over 100 some days well into October.  We have a big outdoor event in about a week and a half in celebration of International Babywearing Week, so I thought I'd re-share this blog post from The Cloth Diaper 411 in case it's still hot outside.

One of the most common babywearing questions I get as a Master Babywearing Educator for our local Babywearing International group here in Phoenix is, "what do you do when it's hot?"  I usually joke that you grab your baby, throw them in any carrier, and run until you find a cool place to get them better situated.  I just returned from the International Babywearing Conference, where I taught a couple of sessions about babywearing in extreme weather, so I thought I'd share that information with you here today.

  •   Ring Slings—great for getting baby in and out of the heat quickly; natural fibers make cool, breathable options
  •   Mei Tais—straps provide minimal coverage for wearer, keeping them cooler
  •   Soft-structured carriers-minimal coverage and quick in and out with buckles, just make sure to protect those buckles from heat in the car so they don't burn you or baby
  •   Wraps—breathable, thin materials such as gauze are preferable to denser materials; wraps with UV protection from Moby Wrap are available as well
  •   Water slings & wraps—TaylorMade water mesh slings are excellent for cooling off in any water   

    Water mesh slings are perfect for wearing your little one in water

    Babywearing tricks:
  •   Stick an ice pack in the pocket of SSCs or MTs or inside the passes of a wrap
  •   Wear light, breathable cloths and dress baby in light clothing
  •   Place carrier in front of an a/c unit until you are ready to put it on
  •   Carry a spare prefold or light blanket or cloth to place between your chest and baby
  •   Invest in a foam blade hand-held fan to carry with you
  •   Wear a large-brimmed hat to provide shade for yourself and baby
  •   Cover baby’s legs with BabyLegs
  •   Put your baby carrier on while still in the cool car
  •   Carry an umbrella to keep you both shaded
  •   Use a carrier cover with UV protection

    BabyLegs provide excellent sun protection for your baby's legs while in a carrier

    Other survival tips:
  •   Carry a misting spray bottle filled with water and little rubbing alcohol to spray in your car. It will lower the temperature immediately.
  •   Carry a cooler of ice packs in your car and swap out the one in your carrier as the day goes on. Place one in baby’s carseat when you park the car.
  •   Cover baby’s carseat with a sunshade, light blanket, or a cover specifically made for carseats.
  •   Park and walk in shaded areas.
  •   Consider investing in tinted windows or an auto-start installation in your car. 

    A spray bottle filled with water a little rubbing alcohol will lower the temperature immediately when sprayed in a hot car


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